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Alternate Plywood

Alternate Plywood - Cammand Century sainik green co tec

Available in both MR & BWP Grades this ply have core of hardwood (generally reddish brown in color) and softwood (generally white in color) mixed to form a perfect blend , generally for hardwood core of nilgiri is used and for soft wood popular is used. Hardwood is used for its strength and softwood helps to hold the nails, reduce weiht and cost. We have various brand like Century Sainik, Cammand, Aksh, Bhutan,  Green PLY, etc. All these ar ISI 303 / ISI 710 certified plywood.

Popular plywood

Popular softwood plywood
poplar plywood

Known for its aggressive pricing and comparatively better life over the south hardwood, popular has widely replaced alternate plywood at many fronts.

Available in both MR & BWP grade this plwood is generally made in Yamunanagar in Haryana and most of the manufacturers are ISO certified , the material is generally ISI 202 / ISI 710 certified. Popular is a soft wood spicies and thus is easier to cut and lighter in weight. Available in Brands like - Bhutan, Karewud, Aksh and without brand also.

Gurjan plywood

Gurjan Plywood
Everest PLY

Gurjan ply - considered to be the king of the plywood industry is the most expensive of all the plywood . It is considered to be the top most in quality because "gurjan" is best available timber used for manufacturing plywood. Generally is heavy in weight and has a uniform brown color internal core. Top brands are Everest, Century, Tweza, Green Ply, MBM Platinum.

is avaialble in all thickness like 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 25mm in both ISI 303 certified MR Grade & ISI710 certified BWP grade. 

Red Core


Full Hardwood / Red-core plywood is generally made of hardwood and thus is comparatively more stronger and is more durable. This ply appears to be red in color in sectional view and thus is called red core plywood. Available in brands like Cammand Ply Plus, Tweza (17 layer core construction) this ply is among-st the high priced plywood. 

Imported Plywood

Imported plywood
Birch plywood
Chip board

On demand we make available range of imported plywood like the russian Birch plywood, Chinese prelaminate plywood, Burmese gurjan plywood.

Flexi Plywood

Flexi PLY wood
Flexible blywood
bent plywood

Flexible plywood is very flexible and is designed for making curved parts, It is also often referred to as "Bendy Ply" due to its flexibility. Generally available  in 6mm , 8mm, 12mm thickness and only one dimension 2.44m x 1.22m.

Commercial plywood

Commercial Plywood:  Our Commercial Plywood is Moisture Resistant (M.R.Grade) made from an odd number of wood veneers bonded face to face with the grain running in alternate directions.  That is nothing but cross bonding. This gives the material its strength. The more veneers used, the stronger the plywood becomes. This plywood does not contain water-resistant adhesive. This is for Interior use only Besides.Made under stringent quality norms,  this versatile ready to use Plywood is the preferred choice for wood work.
This commercial plywood is made from seasoned hardwood/Softwood core bonded with Urea Melamine Formaldehyde under computer controlled temperature and pressure.It is fully powder proof,termite and moisture resistant,re-usable and therefore very economical. These  plywoods are generally certified with ISI 303. Suggested areas of application .All kinds of interiors applications.Exquisitely designed for use in furniture,cupboards,wardrobes celling,panelings and packing.

Brands Providing Such Material: Chirayu, Blue Diamond, MBM, Bhutan, Cammand, Century, Anchor, Everest, Archid.

Standard Sizes in thickness: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm.

Standard Sizes in dimension: 2.44m x 1.22m, 2.14m x 1.22m, 1.84m x 1.22m, 2.44m x 0.92m, 2.14m x 0.92m, 1.84m x 0.92m.

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Marine Plywood / Water proof Plywood / Water Resistant Plywood

Marine Plywood:  We offer superior Waterproof Plywood of BWP Grade (Boiling Water proof). Manufactured using  finest timber, our plywood feature Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) resin bonded core and face veneers. It is ideal for use in hot & humid climatic conditions, where there is lot of moisture in the air The vendors associated with us avoid the usage of rubber wood  or inferior wood and rather they make use of superior wood and incorporate German glue line technology to ensure 100% borer proof life. They conduct PF resin bonded under high temperature and pressure to make our plywood boiling waterproof even with 72 hours of boiling. Our plywood is chemical impregnated and offers resistance to insects, stability and durability. Marine Plywood is generally certified with ISI 710 standards.

Brands Providing Such Material: MBM, Cammand, Century, Anchor, Everest.

Standard Sizes in thickness: 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm.

Standard Sizes in dimension: 2.44m x 1.22m, 2.14m x 1.22m, 1.84m x 1.22m, 2.44m x 0.92m, 2.14m x 0.92m, 1.84m x 0.92m.

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