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The Journey


1944 - 1947

Our principal , mentor Late Shri Babulalji Uttamchandji Shah began his humble journey in 1944 when he moved from a small Village - Mandar in situated Rajasthan to our current city Pune for opportunities.

he along with his Late brothers initially did several jobs between 1944 to 1947 before they together laid their foundation for entreprenurship.

Finally in 1947 right before Independence they formed their very first business of caps & soles.

1948 - 1955 - Establishment of Mohanlal Millapchand & Co

Meeting challenges and making ends meet with lot of hard work , dedication and progress of day at a time , and several initial hiccups finally a platform was established for the current generation to be recognized with a name of Mohanlal Millapchand & Co - Our first visible memory of foray into Timber & construction supplies goods.

1955 - 1977 - The Rise & Seperation

This was the time when our Grand Parents had given all to the business preparing for a brighter future and gearing up for all seperation so that the new generation could take over with new names and follow exhibit their skills.

1977 - 2006 - Mayur Plywood , Babulal & Sons- Golden Years

It was in 1977 when our grand parents ventured into their private firms and the new generation was given the handle to Grow and trade for name & fame.

Strong background of family business since 1954 has given the entrepreneurial skills, policies and business understanding & God’s blessings led the  organization towards growth. From being a venture of a joint family in name of Mohanlal Millapchand & Co headed by great grandfathers in in mid-50’s sooner with more number of family members adding in with set of new generation preparing themselves for business,  the company split into number of small companies and our grandfather Late Mr Babulal Ji Uttamchand Ji Shah started his own business in 1977 in name of MAYUR PLYWOOD. In next two decades the along with the family’s hard work and dedication the marque Mayur  Plywood had accomplished recognition amongst most retailers in Maharashtra region as a wholesale trader, also amid most of the front runner manufacturers then. The firm then had started diversifying in all related streams such as laminates, shuttering plywood,  GI sheets, Veneers and other decorative products on wholesale and supply basis.

2006 - Current


In Sep 2006 the firm Mayur Plywood was split between four sons of Late Mr Babulalji Uttamchandji Shah, in his presences and guidance so as to facilitate the  new generation to exhibit their knowledge and skill and control their own business as business heads, and since then the name was changed to Mayur Plylam now owned & managed by Mr Kailashji Babulalji Shah & Mr Vinit Kailash Shah.

It was since 2006 when we started Retail and for first time our focus was on End Consumers rather than our old business of channelized trading, although wholesale  trade was not neglected at all. Since then our primary focus was on various decorative products so as to influence the choices of numbers of retail buyers. Since then we have been constantly getting new products to the interior industry and it is our endeavor  to cater to changing demand and trends in market. Today we are a trade entity associated to quality, variety and genuinety. We have a history of satisfied customers and to name a few of our bulk customers are: Aamby Valley City Ltd, Sahara Adventure & Sports,  Rohan Projects, Lunkad Realty, Atharva Constructions, Ashoka Builders, Kalpataru Builders, Raviraj Group, Ram India Group and the list continues with hundreds of retail customers…

Introduction Of Skaav Luxury Interiors LLP - The begining of new Era - 2014

With 1000's of customers in supply field we had been lot of time recognized as medians between the carpentry teams and consumers, in year 2014 we launched our sister concern with our turnkey furniture line where we undertake furniture projects from residential, commercial & hospitality projects. We undertake both modular & carpentry projects. For more information Visit WWW.SKAAV.COM